Mined from the mountains of southern Mexico, Art of Decor brings you an unparalleled art form unique to the home décor and art world. Starting at the mines we hand select only the finest rough material to bring you an eclectic array of objects rarely available and seldom seen. These stunning designs offer an opportunity to procure beautiful art-of-the-earth as home adornment. From our bowls to our luminaries to our sculptures, each piece is handcrafted, creating captivating movement and showcasing the beautiful natural patterns within the onyx. As each item is one-of-a-kind, please note when selecting from our catalog, variations in color and design may apply. Whether ordering off our catalog or collaborating on a custom creation, we offer epic and awe inspiring natural art like never before. Our magnificent pieces are perfect in your home, office and as landscape décor; providng a lifetime of natural and elegance.